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What is Quarter Midget Racing?

Quarter midget racing is a family oriented sport that involves racing purpose built replica vehicles 1/4 the size of a Midget race car on a 1/20 mile oval track. The cars, rules and extensive safety procedures are designed specifically for kids age 5-16. The racing environment is about children and family. Kids not only learn valuable skills and sportsmanship, but also make new lifelong friends.


The Baylands Training Program is designed to provide your child with the best possible first-time racer experience and to present them with the best opportunity to begin a successful quarter midget racing career.Once you are assigned a training night, the Baylands Training Coordinator will describe the program to you and answer all your questions regarding our training program. They will introduce you to the two trainers assigned to your child and provide you with their contact information.Our training program consists of 3-6 two-hour sessions. Each child picks up driving skills at different rates mostly based on their age and background. The training is quite intense and provides extensive training for your child designed to prepare them for racing with other children.


Baylands has race cars, a comprehensive set of helmets, jackets, gloves, neck braces and arm restraints. All you need to provide is a pair of jeans and closed toe shoes. If you have your own equipment, you are encouraged to use it. But please check with your trainers to verify that it meets QMA’s safety requirements. To see what the current QMA safety standards are go to www.quartermidgets.org.

There are typically four sessions as outlined below. Please remember that each child progresses at their own pace and the trainers will continually match the challenge to their skill level.



Baylands Quarter Midget Racing Association

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