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Baylands Quarter Midget Racing Association
300 Metcalf Rd, San Jose, CA 95138

(408) 634-4820

Quarter Midgets of America – Sanctioning body

Arriving from West of the track (steeper climb, shorter narrow route)

Baylands track can be accessed from the Bernal Road exit off Highways 101 and 85.
From Bernal Road exit, proceed West about 0.2 miles to Monterey Highway South.

Take Monterey Hwy South 1.25 miles to Metcalf Road, turn left onto Metcalf Road.
Proceed up the hill on Metcalf Road approximately 2.5 miles to the entrance.


Arriving from East of the track (gentle climb, longer wider route)

Baylands track can also be accessed via a less steep route from the Yerba Buena East exit off Highway 101. Take Yerba Buena Road exit, proceed South-East about 2.4  miles, then turn right onto San Felipe Rd, proceed about 6.3 miles, then turn slight right onto Metcalf Rd, proceed about 3.6 miles to the track entrance.

The track is adjacent to the Santa Clara County Motorcycle Park (408)795-3334.


Race gas

Our official track gas is the mid-grade (89-octane) from the Shell station at 6050 Monterey Rd, San Jose, CA 95138, near Bernal Rd.