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Become a Baylands Member

Welcome and thank you for choosing Baylands as your home track! If you would like to join Baylands Quarter Midget Racing Association please complete the steps below to register with both our sanctioning body, United States Auto Club .25 (USAC.25/NASCAR Youth) and our local club Baylands (BQMRA).

Please read all information needed on USAC.25 and Baylands QMRA; including By-Laws and race rules. All information can be found on websites along with membership requirements.

1. Become a NASCAR YOUTH Member.

2. Fill out Baylands Membership Registration below and submit.

3. Add membership type you would like below, add to cart, and checkout.

Baylands Membership Registration
** Must be renewed yearly (By November 1st)

*Fill out form, submit. Then add membership (below) to shopping cart and pay.


Thanks for submitting!


Regular membership - includes driver and immediate family members, Baylands is their home track.

Associate membership - for families that Baylands is NOT their home track.

Additional Handler membership - for additional adult/team member  NOT in immediate family.

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