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California Monza at Baylands

July 19 - 21, 2024


*This Page has everything you need to know about CA Monza at Baylands. *Please Note - Race registration and Monza shop items are to be paid for separately. *Monza race entries located towards bottom of page.​


  • All spots are first come, first serve and organized by size.


Driving to Baylands:

Those Driving Trailers longer that 20 feet, it is recommended to drive the back way

to Baylands using San Felipe Road


*CA Monza 

*Racing - USAC.25 

 Weekend Format: 


  •      Parking, Safety/Sign-in, Open Practice 12pm - 9pm

 ** Be courteous to others waiting in hot chute/pits.

*Example 1 car=1 min; 2 cars=2mins; 3 cars=3mins.



  • ​Pit Meeting 8:30am - Immediately to follow - 1 round of practice each class, Qualifying, Heats, Lowers.

  •  Prepaid Dinner, listed below. Dinner plate will include pizza choice of cheese or pepperoni, beverage, salad, and cookie. We will have an adult portion option and a kids portion option.


  • A Mains

  • Raffle 

  • Trophies



  • 89 Octane, Speedway Station; 6050 Monterey Road, San Jose, CA 95138

Snack Shack:

  • Will be open on Friday for snacks, drinks, and tacos. We will have a prepaid dinner Saturday. Normal breakfast/lunch menu for Saturday and Sunday. 

  • Will be open Cash or Tabs (Tabs may be paid via check, cash, online at



  • ALL families attending are encouraged to volunteer 

  • Volunteer opportunities include: Track, Tower, and Snack Shack

Other Very Important Information:

  • As we are getting into fire season, Make sure that you have a fire extinguisher displayed at your trailer. Every trailer MUST have a fire extinguisher. 

  •  If you are planning to bbq, gas/propane grills allowed only. No charcoal or wood burning.

  • Handlers - read all rules and inform your drivers of rules they need to know too.

  • Keep track clean; please remind your children

  • Be kind and respectful to all

- Let's have some great racing at Baylands!


$50.00 race entry fee per car 


Select your Rig type
Will you be unhooking tow vehicle from trailer?
Select Driver #1 Classes
Select Driver #1 Classes
Select Driver #2 Classes
Select Driver #2 Classes
Select # of classes for ALL drivers

Thanks for registering!



MONZA Race Entries

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