Welcome and thank you for choosing Baylands as your home track.

If you would like to join Baylands Quarter Midget Racing Association please complete the steps below to register with both our national sanctioning body Quarter Midgets of America (QMA) and our local club Baylands (BQMRA).

1. Click the button below, fill in all information and pay your National dues.  

(You can also get to the registration page from the main QMA home page. Look for the red button that says "JOIN QMA" in the upper right hand corner.) 

2. When you're done filling out the info, you'll click Submit. 

3. The site will then take you to a payment page where you will pay your National dues only

4. After you have completed your payment of Nationals dues, they will send us (Baylands) a form for you to sign.




5. Next you will need to pay your Baylands club fee. You can pay via PayPal to Timc4444@sbcglobal.net (Please send payment as Friends & Family and put your full name in the Noes field) or you can mail a check for $85.00 payable to: Baylands QMRA c/o Dan Leonetti, 729 Azule Ave., San Jose, CA, 95123.

6. Once your Baylands annual dues are paid, our Secretary will forward a club registration form to you. Please complete and sign the form and email back to secretary@baylandsqma.com.  We will forward to QMA Nationals which will complete the application process.

Once all of the paperwork is completed and processed our Training Director will contact you to schedule your child's training sessions.